Linear lights

Customised light colour and length: The LED lighting strips and built-in lights can be used to provide homogeneous light across the room or for professional backlit effects. 

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Spot lights

Small yet powerful: Our round spotlights can be integrated into ceilings and furniture to provide focussed and accent lighting.

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Special lights

Light that creates backlit effects, responds to movement or shines in two directions – these and many more options are available with our wide range of special lights.

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Switching technology

Ballasts & leads

LED ballasts, leads, plugs and adapters make sure that your LED lights are powered with the correct voltage: Find out more about the power levels we offer.

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Electronics in furniture

Imagine a safety box that monitors the electronic devices in your furniture, or a SoundUnit for wireless transmission of music and phone conversations – all this and much more is available from Halemeier.

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