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S-Mitter receiver, 12VDC   Art.: 3092405

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Declaration of Conformity
VoltageArticle number 
12 Volt DC 3092405
24 Volt DC 3092505

Product benefits

Control of up to 5 lighting circuits (5 receivers) with 1 remote control

Product characteristics

Dimming function

Storage of up to 4 light scenes

Memory function for power failure


Switching and dimming of furniture lights

Operating voltage: 12 Volt DC

Switching capacity max: 36 W

Standby: 0,1 W

Test mark:

Protection type: IP 20

Lead: 160 mm

Lead connector: M1

Discharge: 160 mm

Discharge connector: M1

Dimensional drawings

  • 1 receiver can be combined with up to 5 remote controls
  • AppMitter for control from smartphone
Repeater, 24VDC
Repeater, 12VDC