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GlasLine U-profile 3000mm   Art.: 1872001

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LengthDesignArticle number 
3000 mm mmU-profile 3000mm 1872001
1498 mm mmU-profile 1500mm 1872081

Product benefits

Eye-catching lighting of 8 mm glass edge

Can be shortened to desired length

Product characteristics

High flexibility due to individual components

LED lighting strip with double-sided cable


8 mm glass plates

For optimised effect, install on glass plate with satin-finish edge

Lamp type: Anbauleuchte

Type of Illumination: Akzentbeleuchtung

Surface: Alu silber eloxiert

Length: 3000 mm

Dimensional drawings

Assembly drawings

  • To find the right combination of light and ballast, please note pictograms in the light catalogue!
  • Sales unit: 1
Versa Inside 60, Extrawarmweiss, 1200mm, max. 5.8W
Versa Inside 60, Warmweiss, 1200mm, max. 5.8W
Versa Inside 60, Neutralweiss, 1200mm, max. 5.8W
Versa Inside 60, Kaltweiss, 1200mm, max. 5.8W
GlasLineDistanzstück für Glascheibe (1 St. je 20 cm)
LED EVG 12 Volt DC, 0-20W
LED EVG 12 Volt DC, 0-30W
LED Verlängerung M1 12VDC, 1800mm
LED Verteiler 6-fach, M1, 12VDC, 2000mm
LED Verteiler 3-fach, M1, 12VDC