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SuperStripe, Neutral White, 200 mm   Art.: 5565101

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LengthLight colourDesignArticle number 
200 mm mmNeutralweiß 5565101
300 mm mmNeutralweiß 5565102
300 mm mmNeutralweiß with lateral feeder 5565103
200 mm mmWarmweiß 5565111
300 mm mmWarmweiß 5565112
300 mm mmWarmweiß with lateral feeder 5565113

Product benefits

Very bright

Uniform illumination without dark zones

Pluggable LED strip

Product characteristics

Long bands of light, approx. 6 m per power feed point

Available with lateral feeders and additiona ballasts for endless strip installation


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Lamp type: Anbauleuchte

Type of Illumination: Funktionsbeleuchtung

Surface: Aluminium

Operating voltage: 24 Volt DC

Colour reproduction: RA80

Energy efficiency class: A++

Energy efficiency: 95 lm/W

Lifetime: 30.000 h/70%

Power consumption: 2.9 W

Light colour: Neutralweiß

Dimmable: Ja

Beam angle: 70 °

Test mark:

Protection type: IP 20

Length: 200 mm

Lead connector: MP2

Connection to: LED-Vorschaltgerät

Dimensional drawings

Assembly drawings

  • To find the right combination of light and ballast, please note pictograms in the light catalogue!
  • A ttachment kit is included as standard
  • Sales unit: 1
Magentband für SuperStripe, 12 mm x 1000 mm
Anschlussleitung, 1800 mm
Verbindungsleitung, 300 mm
Verbindungsleitung, 1000 mm
LED EVG 24 Volt DC, 0-75W
LED Verlängerung, MP, 24 Volt DC, 1800 mm