Linear lights » Versa Inside 90, ExtraWarm White, 1200mm, max. 8.6W

Versa Inside 90, ExtraWarm White, 1200mm, max. 8.6W    Art.: 5580542

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Assembly Instructions
Light colour Voltage Length Article number
Extra warm white 1200 mm 5580542
Warm white 1200 mm 5580512
Neutral white 1200 mm 5580502
Cool white 1200 mm 5580522
Extra warm white 5000 mm 5580543
Warm white 5000 mm 5580513
Neutral white 5000 mm 5580503
Cool white 5000 mm 5580523
MultiWhite 5000 mm 5580633
Extra warm white 10000 mm 5580541
Warm white 10000 mm 5580511
Neutral white 10000 mm 5580501
Cool white 10000 mm 5580521
MultiWhite 10000 mm 5580631

Product benefits

Flexible, self-adhesive

Double-side supply lead for length 5000 mm(one cut, two lights), see drawing

Product characteristics

Low installation height

Can be individually cut to length


Universal application

Can be combined with ChannelLine profiles

Lamp type:Anbauleuchte
Type of Illumination:Funktions-/ Akzentbeleuchtung
Operating voltage:12 Volt DC
Colour reproduction:90
Energy efficiency class:A+
Energy efficiency:90 lm/W
Lifetime:30.000 h/70%
Power consumption:7.2 W/m
Light colour:Extra_warm_white
Beam angle:70 °
Test mark:CE MM SK3
Protection type:IP 20
Length:1200 mm
Lead:1x1800 mm
Lead connector:M1
Connection to:LED-Vorschaltgerät

Dimensional drawing

Assembly drawings

  • To find the right combination of light andballast, please note pictograms in the light catalogue!
  • For possible combinations, see Versa overview
  • Sales unit: 1
Direct connector
Direct connector- set (10 units)
90° connector (max. 72 W)
90° connector- set (10 units)
Flexible connector 100 mm
Flexible connector 100 mm - set (10 units)
Feeder 1800 mm for sections 12VDC
LED ballast 12VDC DC, 0-15W
LED ballast 12 Volt DC, 0-30W
LED Extension lead M1 12VDC, 1800mm
LED 3-way distributor, M1, 12VDC