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PowerLite Plus, Neutral White, stainless steel Look    Art.: 3206309

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Light colour Article number
Neutral white 3206309
MultiWhite 3206331
Warm white 3206319

Product benefits

Cone of light like halogen spot

High-quality metal housing

Product characteristics

Recessed light with 58 mm installed diameter

High light output in relation to size

Plug-in connection on housing



Display cabinets


Lamp type:Ein-Anbauleuchte
Type of Illumination:Funktions-/ Akzentbeleuchtung
Surface:Edelstahl Optik
Operating voltage:12 Volt DC
Colour reproduction:85
Energy efficiency class:A
Energy efficiency:45 Lm/W
Lifetime:30.000 h/70%
Power consumption:3.5 W
Light colour:Neutral_white
Beam angle:50 °
Test mark:CE MM SK3
Protection type:IP 44
Installation diameter:56 - 58 mm
Lead:3000 mm
Lead connector:M1
Connection to:LED-Vorschaltgerät

Dimensional drawing

Assembly drawings

  • To find the right combination of light and ballast, please note pictograms in the light
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  • Sales unit: 1
Anbaudose PowerLite, stainless steel look
LED ballast 12 Volt DC, 0-20W
LED Extension lead M1 12VDC, 1800mm
LED 3-way distributor, M1, 12VDC
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